When I met Aleks at age 60 I had aches and pains from old injuries I got by exercising on my own many years ago and from a biking accident. I was afraid that I could not become fit again without aggravating my shoulder, elbow, and knee joints. After twenty months, I am more vital than at any time in my life. And with stronger muscles, I actually have fewer aches than when I started my program. My pushup output has increased from about ten to 110. Aleks has provided individualized and innovative workout plans that helped me get much stronger – safely.

You know from sports that hard work and talent are not enough, you need a great coach to perform optimally. Aleks has been that coach for me.

Bill Jolicoeur

I have been training with Aleksandra for almost a year now. When I first started training I couldn’t run to the mailbox. Now I run at least 2 times a week. My Cardio has improved greatly and I feel stronger than ever. I love how simple she makes it for me to stay on track with her at home plans and “homework” exercises. She helps me with my diet and keeps me motivated to improve on my fitness evaluations. My diet had always been the hardest thing for me to control, but with her help and guidance, I don’t cheat anymore. I love that she always has new equipment and has a variety of exercises so I never know what to expect. I am loving the TRX!!! Having to lift my own body weight is motivation enough to lose the extra pounds.

Thanks Aleks!

Carlie Weiss

I started my weight loss journey with Aleksandra just over a year ago. In this time I have lost a little over 40 pounds. I love seeing the transformation, and the progress each month. It is because of Aleks that I have completely changed my diet. (Thanks myfitnesspal) I am living a much healthier lifestyle, walking and jogging too. Thank you Aleks.

Rosemarie Damboise